Welcome to our Registry! 

We're thrilled to be opening our brand new Cultural Wing at SIJCC this spring. The Cultural Wing will feature The Box (a 4000 sq ft multi-use spce for performances, exhibitions, event rentals and community gatherings), The Workshop (a smaller event space ideal for meetings, readings and co-working), and The Studio (perfect for yoga class or rehearsals).


In February we held our first-ever Communtiy Demo Day. It was wonderful to see the whole community come together to rally behind this new project and the launch of this new space on our campus. Now we're in the next phase, and need your help before we can open our doors!


This registry includes two ways to support SIJCC's cultural wing: there are items that you could outright purchase (or donate to SIJCC if you already have something similar you aren't currently using, and there are cash funds that you can contribute to, which support the purchase of larger items. It's like a honeymoon registry, only for your favorite community center!


We are thankful for any support you can provide to the launch of this new community space on our campus. If you have any questions at all, or wish to donate an item you already own that is listed on the registry to purchase, contact Shannon@sijcc.net or call 323-663-2255. 

Thank you!